4/26 Hey everybody. I’m so bummed that our area got only ONE of these coupons as I’d listed. As I said, they are available to buy online. I don’t know if I’ll continue to do the coupon preview when there is such wide variance between regions.
Here are some good ones that we got this morning in Idaho:
$1/1 Juicy Juice Brain Development or immunity
$1/1 Pace specialty Salsa
Lots of Lysol
$0.75 off skintamate shave gel (just too late! Wags RR ended yesterday)
$1/1 Johnsons baby product
$1/1 Desitin

Here’s the highlights from the preview I’m seeing. Cross your fingers that we get most of these in our inserts tomorrow. And as always, if we don’t someone else did and they’ll be available to buy online.
$2/1 Pace Specialty salsa. Get it for free (and legitimately, I might ad. . . wink wink) when KMart doubles
$0.75/1 Scott’s Extra Soft bath tissue 4-pack or larger
(If you want free TP, go buy some of the $1/1 coupons on Ebay: 20 of them for $3 shipped. Scotts Extra Soft 4 packs are $1.00 regular price at many Albies locations. Email KCL if you’ve got your coupons and can’t find a location that sells them for $1 and we’ll point you in the right direction)
$4.00/1 Schick Intuition and another $4/1 for Quattro as well
$2.00/1 Act total care 33 oz or larger (makes a great one when KMart doubles)
Buy one Get on free Baskin Robbins Sundaes! Sign me up and “yes, I want whipped cream, nuts AND a cherry!”
We’ll post to remind you, but this Wednesday from 5-10:00 PM is .31 cent scoop night at B&R!
$1/1 Bandaid (excludes trial size)