{Medical Price Point}

Wow! I never knew such a tool existed!!! For all of you on less than desirable insurance- or no insurance at all– LISTEN UP!

Medical Price Point is a new and REVOLUTIONARY website that lets you compare the price of healthcare!

Check out the Medical Savings!

or my favorite- Med Price Point’s HOT DEAL OF THE WEEK!

First of all- until now, I didn’t realize that prices for Doctors varied so much! I just always naively thought that all doctors charged about the same. Sure, I figured, like anything, the busier, more experienced doctor could charge more if they were in demand- but I had no clue about the variance!

Today, I logged on to Medical Price Point and searched by “Genre”- I selected one of the first categories which was ALLERGISTS. I scrolled through them and found that out of 25 practices the price for an Office Visit range from $70 all the way to $300. And the Costs for Allergy Tests vary from a whopping $5 all the way up to $700!!

This is such a valuable tool if you have a high deductible or no insurance! Heck! Even if you are insured it’s still great to educate yourself!

If you are looking for information that isn’t listed, all you have to do is ask- and they will research and post what they find- at no additional charge! They do the leg work for you! How nice! Here is an example of what they have found:

We found a Hospital in California that is running a special on colonoscopies. (Great example- right?!) For only $200.00. The cheapest in the Treasure Valley is $2500.00 + doctors fees.

You could fly down, spend a wonderful time at Disney for a week and still save money on the procedure. Now that's Krazy!!

Here’s the Meat and Potatoes:

Years total access membership per household: $79.00

Per month (one year commitment) $8.95

2 weeks unlimited access, onetime $19.95 fee

Concierge Service: This is for medical savings account holders as well as cash paying clients that know they have a procedure coming up. We will negotiate a discount for the hospital and their doctor as a "package" before the surgery. Flat fee of $200.00

Now, there are some things I am willing to pay almost anything for: for example I LOVE my OB and I think he could triple what he was charging me and I would find a way to pay him! Also on that list- is an anesthesiologist! I love a good epidural! But for most things, I want a KRAZY deal, and I am so excited to know that such a tool exists!

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– just be sure to Enter KCL when signing up, and they will credit 10% upon signing up.

Also check out their blog, where you can see examples of MPP client’s actual savings- before you sign up! I think you will agree this is a service worth paying for!