I got a good laugh from this:

Rain Check Policy from KFC
We are so sorry, but due to the overwhelming response to our FREE Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal coupon, we can no longer redeem the free coupon at this time. But we will honor our commitment to giving you a free Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal. Please visit a participating KFC restaurant for a rain check form. Complete the form, attach your original coupon, and give it to the KFC restaurant manager or postmark per the form’s instructions, by May 19, 2009, and we’ll send you a rain check for your free Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal at a later date, plus a free Pepsi with our compliments. Your participating KFC restaurant will provide you with the form you need. Please note that the redemption periods of the rain checks will vary. All other terms and conditions of the original free Kentucky Grilled Chicken coupon will apply. Thank you for your understanding,

Roger Eaton
KFC President

Questions About Redeeming Your Coupon?
If you downloaded coupons and they were not accepted at a KFC restaurant:

  • Please call 1-800-CALL-KFC.
  • A KFC Customer Service representative will assist you and also take the information about your experience and follow up with the restaurant.

If you have concerns about using multiple coupons with the same code number:

  • All the PDF coupons downloaded from Oprah.com on the evening of May 5 have the same bar code.
  • Subject to the terms and conditions of the coupon and instructions on Oprah.com, these coupons will be accepted by participating KFC restaurants in the U.S.
It looks like KFC is having second thoughts on their promotion. Really though, what were they thinking up combining the world of Oprah and the Blogosphere. Hello!
Anyways, whether you have the bricks coupon or the pdf, it’s looking like you will need to go get a raincheck.
Is anyone else totally amused by this?