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(first person who can finish the lyrics to this eminem song (just 1 line will do)- gets 3 inserts from 5/17)

My husband and I just got back from a weekend getaway- to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! It was excellent!! I loved a couple days away from real life, kids, computers, coupons, and dishes! I am happy to be back though, I missed KCL! Also, I see that I missed a very lively discussion about coupon ethics and double coupons and I thought I would weigh in.

First of all, I live in Emmett. There is 1 Albertson’s in Emmett, and it’s really the only grocery store in town. (There is a Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Kings) With that being said, I can’t split my transactions between 3 different stores. I do all of my Albertson’s transactions at this location. Because there is only 1 Albertson’s to shop at, I am very careful to keep my checkers happy. When you only have 1 location you frequent, you get to know all the checkers very well. I know who gets stressed out by even 1 coupon, who loves to watch the savings, who doesn’t mind doing a few transactions in a row- and so forth.

I usually go to Albertson’s with my doublers at 10 or 11 pm and I do 2 or 3 transactions in a row. I only put up 1 transaction on the belt at a time (in case someone gets in line behind me), and sometimes I go to my car and then come back in.

I am not a shelf clearer, but like Joanie, if there are only 3 items left on the shelf and I need three, I take them.

I also love to take advantage of special ordering.
If your Albertson’s won’t allow you to, I would find a Albertson’s store who will.
Recently I ordered 80 CHINET COUPONS on ebay,
and special ordered 80 packages of chinet plates.
Easy as Pie.

If I ever go to Albertson’s with Double Coupons at peak hours, I only do one transaction at a time.

My Mantra- Shop Early and Shop Often…

Listen Ladies, it’s not worth any of our time, energy or brain power to get upset at other couponers. All we can do is follow the rules ourselves, offer our opinion to newbies and hope they do the same. There will always be couponers who don’t think about other people, who buy 15 hefty bags in one visit and who frustrate our checkers. Just make up for their bad behavior with your good behavior. And remember, We have all made Rookie Mistakes. I remember when I first started couponing I didn’t even think about shopping at off peak hours. In fact I remember being at Albertsons at like 5:00 pm with a cart FULL of stuff, and coupons to go with each item. THAT’S LIKE COUPON SIN #1. But I didn’t even realize this was rude. There is a learning curve to this.. Let’s all try to be patient while others are learning the ropes.

Last thing- thanks to all of you who are willing to have an ethical debate-
while staying positive and treating each other nicely and with respect.
We have a great communtiy of women (and men) here at KCL,
and I hope it continues to be a place to vent, get ideas and make friends.
Thanks Ladies!!

Any last thoughts? Did I miss anything? Do you all hate me for doing 3 transactions in a row?!?