Computer-Generated (aka Internet Printable or IP) Coupon Policy

Hen House Markets will accept Computer-Generated Manufacturer's Coupons under the following conditions:

• The coupons must be of valid date
• The coupons must scan at the register
• The value of the coupon may not exceed the current price of the item
• Only one computer-generated coupon per item will be accepted
• Balls Price Chopper and Hen House Markets will maintain a file of Computer-Generated coupons that have been rejected by the Manufacturer. We reserve the right to not accept Computer-Generated coupons for which the Manufacturer will not give reimbursement.

Hen House
Double Coupon Policy

We Will Double The Value Of Manufacturers' Coupons Up To And Including $.50 With The Following Conditions:
• Our store coupons will not be doubled.
• Customer must purchase the product listed on the coupon in the specified size and quantity.
• Expired coupons will not be honored.
• LIMIT one coupon per item.
• Coupons for FREE merchandise will not be doubled.
• Coupons with value of $.51 (Fifty-one cents) or more will NOT be doubled.
• Manufacturers' coupons that state "do not double" will not be doubled.
• If doubled coupon value exceeds the price of the product, the coupon will NOT be doubled.
• No coupons doubled on purchases of more than two (2) of the same product per shopping trip.

Source: G. Frost, Executive Director Store Operations, Balls Food Stores