Here’s some great info for our Utah readers about rates for their newspaper subscription needs!

Best Rates: Deseret Morning News and Salt Lake Tribune as low as $1.50/week for Fri., Sat. Sun. subscription!
Enter your Zip Code and Subscribe to your best Newspaper Rate HERE!

UTAH COUNTY: Daily Herald

5 Copies Sun/1 Thurs – $16.40/month
4 Copies Sun/1 Thurs – $14.24/month
3 Copies Sun/1 Thurs – $12.30/month
2 Copies Sun/1 Thurs – $10.36/month
These are the prices for the “EZ Pay” (other methods of payment are available)

Delivery Area covers North to Alpine, and South to Nephi- it’s Utah County for the most part

Call 801-375-5103 and be sure to mention that Krazy Coupon Lady sent you!

SALT LAKE AREA: Salt Lake Tribune

You can order up to 4 copies of the Sunday paper per address
They will deliver 2 Deseret News and 2 Salt Lake Tribunes
$1.62/paper or $25.92/month
Call 801-204-6100


When you sign up for the Daily Paper (at $9.55 -direct pay- per month)
You can then get up to 5 additional Sunday Papers (6 total) for $.40 each

Delivery Area: Basically all of Southern Utah; Cedar City, Hurricane. St. George, ect
Be sure to tell them KCL sent you their way!