Our last contest “How has couponing changed your life?” was so much fun, we’ve decided to have another one! This time the winner(s) will be those who make me LOL, ROFL, LMAO {the A stands for “abdomen” in this case}, or ROFLMAO the most!

You might be a Krazy Coupon Lady if. . .{you finish it!}

here’s one from me
. . . While vegging and watching the Price is Right, you stand up and scream {while jumping up and down} “$0.06!!!” as the contestant looks to the audience for help in naming the price of Jolly Time Popcorn.

Husbands do you want in on this? If you’re a dude married, engaged, in a serious long-term relationship with, dating, secretly crushing on, or stalking a KCL finish this sentence instead:

“You might be married{etc.} to a Krazy Coupon Lady if. . .”

You have until Friday, June 5th at midnight MST to enter. Leave as many comments as you like. Come on everybody, don’t let me down! I need to exercise my stomach muscles and I don’t feel any crunches on my horizon. Make me laugh!

The winners of the “How has couponing changed your life?” contest are:

Sarah, who said,
“I used to hate the feeling of standing at the cash register as (beep after beep) my fate was decided. Now I love watching how high my bill goes before it plummets down the cliff of coupons and catalinas. As I stand there I know that I am in control, and that, miracle of miracles, I am more than happy to pay the bottom line. It’s a reward for what I do daily. I tell the cash register what is an acceptable amount. I am not his victim.

Amber, who said,
“Coupons changed my life before I ever started using them! Last year my husband had a “mid life crisis” (at 28). I suddenly found myself a single mom to three kids. As if that were not hard enough, my youngest is medically fragile. She has had 15 surgeries in two years, and has spent a years worth of days in the hospital. We owe more in medical debt than the value of our home and the light of day seems FAR away sometimes.

I was in complete shock and was in a panic about how I was to provide for these kids, keep them in a house, with a job (photographer) that is NOT steady income. And then a friend of mine showed up on my doorstep with a near laundry basket sized LOAD of cleaning supplies, HBA, food etc. I tried to pay her for it and she simply said… WHY? I got most of it for FREE. I thought for sure that she was trying to make me FEEL better but I would later learn that she was serious.

I can remember coming home from my daughter’s first open heart surgery. Our bank account was overdrawn, our credit cards were maxed out and we had a few spoiled items in the fridge. We had NOTHING to feed our kids. I remember how I felt like a complete failure.

I have only been seriously stockpiling for 2-3 months now but in that time we have been able to keep our food budget to $50/week. We are gradually chipping away at the debt and hope to soon be selling our stockpile (in pieces) to pay off Kyleigh’s medical bills. Moreover my kids will NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN. No matter how long we are hospitalized now I know I can come home to a fully stocked freezer with meats and cheeses, cereal (brand name at that!), rice and pastas in the perishables pantry… and I know that I can provide for them, even if I had bought NOTHING else… for at least a month.

I am SO thankful for coupons. My husband is home now (thanks to some amazing prayer warriors) and we enjoying date night – COUPONING together. Coupons have inspired me, lifted my spirits, provided for my family, and have helped my husband and I bond again.

Whether or not I win… It doesn’t really matter. Thank you for allowing us to share our stories!!! Coupons are so much more to me than a few bucks saved!”

And for the announcement of the long overdue song winner:

Amber who rewrote Neil Diamond “America”

Will the winners please send your mailing address to krazycouponlady@gmail.com? We’ll send your extra inserts!