Here is a copy of the catalina I received from the Albertsons GM Promo today. We’ve been receiveing many comments and emails from some of you having trouble. Here’s some Catalina info that might help you. If you’ve still got questions, leave a comment and we’ll get everything sorted out!

Catalina Marketing Company operates the check-out coupon machines at Albertsons and many other stores. The coupons themselves are called Catalinas. Because these machines are not owned by the stores, many managers and employees are not as educated as they should be on Catalina Policy. Here’s some rules that will hopefully help you next time you’re participating in a Catalina Promotion:
  1. THE GOOD- Minimum purchase means before coupons and tax: When a store runs a gimmick like Spend $25 on participating products and receive a $10 catalina of your next shopping order, the $25 total must ONLY be reached BEFORE coupons and tax. If your pre-total is $24.99, it won’t work. But if your total is $25 or above and then you present ex. $10 worth of coupons, you are still entitled to your catalina.
  2. THE BAD- Don’t buy the wrong product or size: Make sure you grab a copy of the store ad as you enter because you MUST BUY THE RIGHT SIZES OF PARTICIPATING PRODUCTS. Usually in the aisles the correct size items will have a hanging tag, indicating that they are part of the promo. Example: This week the Cheerios are part of the GM promo, but only the $2 box (8.9oz). There is a larger box on sale 2/$6, but it is not a listed participating product. If you buy the wrong box of Cheerios, the catalina won’t print.
  3. THE UGLY- What to do if your Catalina doesn’t print: Ask for a manager to come review your receipt. They should be curteous and many times after review of your purchase, will deem the catalina machine disfunctional and will override to give you the catalina you deserve!
Rolling Catalinas: Rolling catalinas refers to breaking up your transactions in order to maximize savings. This week at Albertsons, if you plan to buy $75 worth of participating products, you’ll want to do 3 transactions. When you do one transaction, only one $10 catalina will print. If you separate your transactions, you will get a $10 catalina for each $25 purchase. You can “ROLL” the $10 off, from your first purchase, onto the next purchase and so on. . .

Here’s this week’s Albertsons ad. It clearly states that you should receive a $10 catalina for every $25 {pre coupons and tax} spent. Those of you writing in about receiving a $5 catalina, should be speaking with management and getting an override and the correct Catalina.

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