We have had LOTS of emails from confused readers and coupon virgins questioning our math skills. This is mostly pertaining to our Albertson’s Posts, like this one.

Here is the break down…

When Albertson’s runs a sale like the General Mills promotion that ends today, where you spend $25 and save $10 on your next order… we factor the $10 savings into the 1st transaction. This is deceiving if you are doing only 1 transaction, but for most of us Krazy Coupon Ladies we will take that $10 Catalina and use it on the next transaction in which we buy $25 worth of General Mills products. Often during the week we will do 10 transactions with products in the promo.

For example:

All Small & Mighty 3X 32 oz $4.50
Use the $1/1 Small and Mighty HERE
Final Price: $1.70

We have received many emails asking us how we are getting $1.70 when we subtract $1 from $4.50, Confusing right?

Well when you save $10 after spending $25 that is essentially a 40% savings per item. So we take the Sale Price of $4.50 and deduct 40% (or $1.80) Which gives us $2.70 and then we factor in the $1 off coupon… Final Price: $1.70