Okay KCLs, it’s time to lead by example and teach our husbands how to be thoughtful. Have you been procrastinating finding a gift for your hubby for Father’s Day? How about an amazing massage? Tarah is a certified massage therapist who brings her massage table to you! My massage was amazing! I loved being so relaxed in my own home. I had someone to watch my kids, of course, but it was so nice not to have to leave the house!
Here’s the Krazy Deal you’re waiting for:
Tarah will give a special KCL discount: $10 off first massage and $25 off second massage that is in 30 days of the first.
Normal prices are $50 for an hour and $65 for an hour and a half.

So let me break this down for you!

Happy Husband on Father’s Day $50
$10 off KCL special
Final Price: $40

Obvious (after you beat him over the head with the idea)reciprocal gesture, a massage for you $50
$25 off 2nd massage KCL special
Final Price: $25

Did you follow my math??
Call Tarah today: (208)850-1743!
She’s an amazing masseuse, easy to talk to, then easy to not talk to for an hour. . . and professional. Call her, quick!