I mentioned earlier that I was able to special order Tuna at Albertson’s this week… I wanted to explain this to everyone because the promo from last week is continuing through this weeks’ sales, so if you weren’t able to get what you needed you’ll get a second chance.

Here’s how I special order:

1. I make sure I have to coupons I need. If I need to get more (especially if they are coupons that are found in the store) than I look online. With the Tuna, I wanted to get my family stockpiled, so I wanted a full year supply. This would require a lot of coupons, and I didn’t want to get pegged a Tearpad Stealer, so I headed off to E-bay to do my bidding. I actually found a great “Buy it Now” Auction, where I could enter the quantity I wanted, and buy them right away. I did this all on the first day of the sale. I purchased the coupons on ebay, and paid right away, and then emailed the seller, explaining my time frame to him, so he would ship my coupons in a timely manner.
2. After I order my coupons, I head to my store, to talk to the “freight manager”. I always try to order my “special orders” through the same person. When choosing who to have order your items, choose a manager. The last thing you need is some punk teenager (said with all the love in the world- I love when the “punk teenagers are my checkers! :)) who will forget to order it, order the wrong thing- or forget when they arrive and put them on the shelf.
3. I write down the manager’s name who helped me, and I write down the day and time he said I could come to get them.
4. Lastly, don’t wait for a phone call… They usually tell me they will call me, but I rarely get a phone call. So I just head in once I get my coupons and I know my stuff will be there.

Special Ordering is a life saver! I have NEVER had my store mess up my order
and it’s always come in time for the sale.

Other Krazy Tips:
-Try not to place your special order at a store that’s super KRAZY. I like my store, because there aren’t a lot of coupon shoppers, and so they aren’t so overwhelmed with people buying what I am special ordering. that they get lost.
– It’s best not to special order a large quantity of items that you’ll need doublers for. You’ll want to purchase them all at the same time, to ensure you get them, and you may have a grouchy checker if you are going 100 transactions with 3 items each.

Still have questions about this process? Leave a comment and we’ll try to help you out!