I have been thinking a lot about Stockpiling. It’s the reason I coupon, in fact I wouldn’t be the couponer I am, if I couldn’t be Building a Stockpile. At anytime, I can go down to the “store” {my basement where we keep our stockpile} as my 4 year old calls it, and feel instantly happy, secure and mildly Type A.

So here’s the problem.

There are many items I have on a list- some on paper and some in my head, that I want to have a year supply of, that I have never been able to find at what I deem A Killer {dare I say Krazy} Deal.

My List Includes:

Tampons- Tampax or Playtex
Cream of Chicken Soup
Syrup- like for pancakes

Here is my proposal. Let’s help each other out. Have any of you found what I am looking for and were you able to stock up? What’s your rock bottom price for these items? I need your wisdom here!

Also, I am very willing to reciprocate… What’s on your Wishlist?
And, I am curious… What’s your favorite stockpiled item? Maybe you have something humorous stockpiled, like Pregnancy Tests? Let us in on all your stockpiling secrets!