Thanks Utah Deal Diva for the following report!
Albertson’s advertised several items as
being part of the
Kraft promo that are not on the “official” Kraft rebate list.

There are 2 versions of the rebate address floating around
and we still don’t know which one is correct.

Jessica, of Utah Deal Diva spoke with Kraft and they confirmed that they WILL NOT honor a $20 rebate request if any of the items purchased are non-participating items.
The list below reflects the participating items and sizes. You can also print a copy here. Take a copy with you and very carefully make sure you get the correct items listed.

Here is a list of items that are on the Albertson’s ad, but are unknown whether or not you’ll receive the $20 mail-in rebate if you purchase them:

  • Nabisco Go Packs, $1
  • Kraft Chips Ahoy cookies, 16 oz variety
  • Kraft Grated Parmesan cheese, any variety
  • Velveeta 1lb or 2 lb blocks
  • Kraft Jell-O or Pudding, boxed variety (only 6-packs included)
  • Nabisco Honey Maid Bees, Smores or Morning Sticks variety crackers
  • Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner or Deluxe Macaroni & cheese, (anything over 7.25 oz)
  • Planters Mixed Nuts (only varieties 9.25 oz and over are included)
  • A-1 Steak Sauce, any varieties
  • General Food Intl Coffee Drink Mix