Thanks again to Utah Deal Diva for reporting the rest of the Kraft Debacle Story:
Here is the correct address you need to mail the rebate form & receipt to:

Kraft Foods-SuperValu Back-to-School MIR Offer #511-5
P.O. Box 753854
El Paso, TX 88575-3854

If you already mailed in your rebate, the Rebate center in Ohio has been instructed to send them back to the Return address, which is Albertson’s corporate in Idaho. They will then forward them along to the Texas address. Please feel free to call 1-877-932-7948 with any concerns.

There are over 1,900 UPC codes that supposedly trigger the $5 catalina & rebate form, however with as many people as we’ve seen NOT have the forms print, I’m just not sure they’re all working! If your $5 coupon or rebate offer does not print, instead of calling Catalina marketing, please call Albertson’s at 1-877-932-7948. They want to be kept informed of any issues shoppers are having. They will help you get the $5 coupon and proper rebate form.

She explained to me how this was (hopefully) going to work, and quite honestly, it’s a mess. All rebate requests WILL be honored, even if you purchased some of the items not listed on the Kraft Shopping list here.

Keeping all this in mind here are a of Jessica’s suggestions:

  1. Shop off the Kraft list. I know, there are less products, but I feel that with all the issues this promo is already having, I want to make my rebate as simple as possible to process.
  2. Make copies of everything before mailing it in. (This really should be done anytime you submit a rebate!)
  3. In those records, make note of the day you mailed it in. Also, mark on a calendar what date you should receive your rebate by.
  4. Keep this Albertson’s number 1-877-932-7948 in your records so you can easily access it should you receive a rejection letter for your rebate.