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I had to share some of the comments from readers regarding their experiences using coupons on travel size items at Target. If you’re having trouble, read through the experiences of these women!

Target DOES accept coupons for travel size items, even if the coupon value exceeds the product value AS LONG AS THE COUPON DOES NOT EXCLUDE TRIAL SIZE or have a minimum volume or weight.

Make sure you inform yourself on Target Coupon Policy. If you have any trouble, stay VERY POLITE! Target guest relations has incredible customer service and they will take care of you! So don’t huff and puff if you come in contact with an uneducated store manager.
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Debbie said,
I tried to do some of these today and the cashier just handed several of my coupons back to me saying that they wouldn’t scan (they beeped) and so I couldn’t use them. I was so bummed since they should have worked!
What would you do in that situation? I’m a newbie…

Debbie, The coupon beeps if the value exceeds that of the item. It may also beep if the scanner can’t read the bar code. It is the cashiers responsibility to verify the coupon is for the correct product and then manually enter it into the register. Next time, print the Target Coupon Policy and if they give you any flack, have them call the number written on the policy.
Sorry you had trouble!

Sherlyn said,
I went to the Eagle Target tonight. The cashier told me that the manager had just informed her that they would no longer be accepting coupons on trial size. When I mentioned the company policy, she said that it was the managers prerogative to not accept a coupon. I was polite, but left frustrated, as I had just wasted an hour of my time. Anyone else have a problem?

AHH!! The problem with the Eagle Rd store must be the afternoon/evening manager. I just spoke with guest relations and Eagle Rd manager Robin to confirm that they ARE taking coupons on trial items. They have no right to refuse them (unless there are extenuating and overloaded cases of fraud, which I confirmed yesterday there are not). Get the name of the person telling you this next time so I can call and speak with them, please! I promise this location (and all others) should be taking your coupons for trial size!

Sherlyn the next day,
So I decided to try Target again today in the a.m. The cashier started out by not even wanting to scan any coupons. She called the front end manager over and said, “We’ve got coupons over here!” (Yes, all of the other customers looked at me like I was an alien). She told me that she couldn’t use coupons on the trial size items. I explained that the coupons did not exclude them. She said the store manager wouldn’t allow it anymore. I gave her a copy of the Target policy. They then called out another “manager”, but not the big guy. He said the same thing. He also said I couldn’t use the General Mills cereal Target web Q on the individual cups, because the coupon wasn’t scanning. I said I would like to call corporate. He let the cashier then do my trial size Qs, but took me over the customer service to call corporate to find out about the cheerios. After a lengthy conversation on the phone he said he would do it, and that corporate said the Q should be scanning and that they would fix it in the system. (Yes, all of this took about 30 minutes–is it worth it for some free cheerios?) I am reconsidering my need to go to Target!

There is a huge lack of education problem in these stores. But I have personally spoken with this store’s manager in the past as well as the other Boise location and I’ve been told the staff will be informed about the policy. Apparently that wasn’t entirely true. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but in a very small way, (not meant to undermine the real discrimination that so many people have dealt with through our history and even today) this is discrimination. The rolling of the eyes, the “we’ve got coupons over here” huff and puff attitude of Target employees. It really isn’t something a calm, collected coupon lady trying to simply play by the rules of the printed policy should have to deal with, in my opinion. Keep taking the high road. Don’t become rude or belligerent. It takes a lot of patience, but if we want stores to loose the attitude, we’ve got to remain on our best behavior even when I feel smoke starting to blow out my ears!

Joligirl123 said
Anyone else have trouble with the new Target Policy? by the way, there is no ‘new’ policy. It’s been around for a long time. (I even called the Guest Service 800 number while I was in line and she confirmed this was the corporate policy):
If the coupon states “limit one coupon per purchase” they must ring each item in separate transactions!
SO I stood at the register for 40 minutes while the cashier rang all 35 of my items in 35 transactions! For example, I had travel sized Head & Shoulders and used the coupons that expired 8/31 but they stated “limit one coupon per purchase.”
NO other store has ever done this to me. I’ve dealt with my share of Target coupon quirks in the past but this one takes the cake!!

I am astonished that you called guest services and they agreed you had to do separate transactions. They must have been confused.
One coupon per purchase means one coupon per item. I swear on my life! AHHHH! You should NEVER have to do separate transactions for this! I kind want to give you my cell # so I can talk to whoever is insisting this. It’s so ridiculous!
Target store coupons “limit one per transaction”. This means separate transactions. But PURCHASE, means per item, not transaction. I would call and complain so guest relations can straighten out the store.

Mari said,
I had a cashier tell me last week that the manager had recently decided to stop taking coupons for trial size products. I had
her call the manager over and showed her the corporate policy. I also pointed out that my coupons did not exclude trial size (and showed her a different coupon that did have trial size exclusions). Finally, I pointed out that “all Target stores must follow corporate coupon policy” and offered her to call the 800 number. The manager then apologized to me, allowed my coupons, and proceeded to let all cashiers know that coupons WILL be accepted as long as they don’t exclude trial sizes.

Yea Mari!! You go girl! Stick it to the man! Take the reins! Pride is power! So glad you had your policy and new how to use it!