On Sunday, I woke up and in our inbox were emails from readers and fellow bloggers letting me know about a
story by the Associated Press (about fellow KCL, April Englebert), that linked to The Krazy Coupon Lady!
We were totally shocked!
(see the story here)

Or as you’ll get called around here, Coupon Virgins!

Ready to Save between 50-90% at the Grocery Store?
Ready to take the reins of your family finances?

Here is what you need to know:
  • Krazy Coupon Ladies refuse to pay retail for groceries (or almost anything for that matter). We find things on sale, and then use a coupon. And we buy multiples! If see that Cream of Chicken Soup is only $.25 after a sale and a coupon, we aren’t happy with just 1 can, we buy 10! By Stockpiling while something is at a ROCK BOTTOM price, you won’t have to pay full price when you have to have it. This will eliminate running to the store when you are out of something, and will cut out those impulse buys
  • Start Saving Your Sunday Papers. Ask friends, neighbors and family members to save theirs for you as well.
  • Consider subscribing to multiple copies of the paper. Call your local paper, and ask if they run a Multiple Subscription Offer. We suggest 5 Sunday Papers
  • Choose 1 store to start with, learn their coupon policy, and start shopping!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. KCL is a community of Savvy Shoppers, and we love helping others learn the ropes!

Before you get started, get the low down by going here to see our Series on Becoming a Krazy Coupon Lady in 10 days!


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