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FOR UPDATED INFORMATION, see our new How to Coupon at Walgreens article (September 2016).

Updated April 2016

Walgreens can be an overwhelming place to shop with coupons. Once you understand the ins and outs, though, you’ll have a hard time staying away!

Sign up for Balance Rewards Program

Before shopping at Walgreens, sign up for the Balance Rewards Program. It is free and easy to sign up. You must be a Balance Rewards member to receive any Walgreens sale prices or Balance Rewards Points. Sign up in a Walgreens store or online. Every time you check out, be sure to swipe your card or enter the phone number that is attached to your Balance Rewards account.

In-Ad Coupons


Every Sunday, Walgreens releases a weekly ad. The weekly ad contains all the weekly sale prices, promotions and “in-ad coupons.” Find the ad in the Sunday newspaper or in the front of the Walgreens store. The ad typically contains a handful of Walgreens store coupons. An in-ad Walgreens coupon can be used with a manufacturer coupon on the purchase of a single item. We call this “stacking coupons.” The Walgreens coupon policy explicitly allows coupons to be stacked:

When purchasing a single item, Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item, unless prohibited by either coupon offer.


Walgreens in-ad coupons typically state a limit on the number of products you can purchase using the coupon. This limit is not attached to your Balance Rewards account. If you’d like to purchase more items than the stated limit, ask your store if you can go back for more items on another day of the week.

Monthly Savings Book


Each month, Walgreens issues a monthly coupon booklet. Find the booklets in the front of the stores with the weekly ads. These coupon booklets are filled with Walgreens coupons. The Walgreens coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons to maximize savings.

Walgreens coupons do not need to be clipped or handed over. Just have the cashier scan the applicable coupon(s) and the savings will be applied. The Walgreens registers will automatically apply the Walgreens coupon to every corresponding item purchased; only one coupon is needed.

Register Rewards


One of the best ways to save money at Walgreens is to take advantage of Walgreens Register Rewards! A Register Reward is a long, receipt-like coupon that prints at checkout after you make a qualifying purchase. To find items each week that are producing Register Rewards, look through the weekly ad. Look for products that state you’ll “receive a Register Reward” with purchase. These items are also tagged accordingly in stores! After purchasing the advertised item, you will receive the Register Reward. It is good as store credit on a future Walgreens purchase. Use it to buy almost anything in the store!


Register Rewards are good for a dollar amount off your next in-store purchase. They typically expire two weeks from the date they printed. Here is an example of a Register Reward deal:

Vitamin Water Energy Drink, 11.5 oz $1.00, sale price
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 Register Reward
Pay $1.00, Receive $1.00 Register Reward
Final Price: Free

Rolling Register Rewards

Register Rewards have a limit. You can only earn one Register Reward per offer per transaction. If a Vitamin Water energy drink is producing a $1.00 Register Reward, and you want to buy two, you must do two separate transactions. If you purchase both energy drinks in a single transaction, you’ll only receive one $1.00 Register Reward. Stores have the right to limit the quantity of promotional items you purchase. If you want to do more than one transaction, ask your store beforehand. Some stores limit the number of transactions you can do in one day. Be respectful and abide by the store and coupon policies.

Register Rewards do not “roll.” Let’s say you want to purchase two Vitamin Water energy drinks. Again, to earn both $1.00 Register Rewards, you must do two separate transactions. Do not use the $1.00 Register Reward produced from the purchase of drink #1 to purchase drink #2. If you do, you will not receive a second $1.00 Register Reward from the purchase of drink #2. In other words, when you hope to earn a Register Reward in any given transaction, do not use a Register Reward as payment that was earned from the same product or manufacturer as the Register Reward you hop to earn.

To maximize Register Reward savings, there are two options.

1. Alternate between different products. If there are two or more Register Reward promotions generating similar or same-value Register Rewards, go back and forth between those promotions.

If you receive a Register Reward generated by the purchase of product X, you cannot use it to buy a second product X if you want another Register Reward to print. Find two different products that trigger similar value Register Rewards and alternate buying those items in separate transactions. Pay for product Y using the Register Reward earned from product X. Then use the Register Reward earned from product Y to pay for a second product X and so on. (Now go ahead and reread this paragraph a few times until you’re no longer scratching your head!)

Here is an example:


Transaction #1:

Buy 1 Sunsweet Fiber Supplement, 10.9 oz $10.00, sale price
Buy 1, Receive $10.00 Register Reward
Pay $10.00, Receive $10.00 Register Reward

Transaction #2:

Buy 1 Florax Ready-to-Drink Probiotic, 0.17 oz $10.00, sale price
Buy 1, Receive $10.00 Register Reward
Use $10.00 Sunsweet Register Reward from Transaction #1
Pay Nothing, Receive $10.00 Register Reward

Transaction #3:

Buy 1 Sunsweet Fiber Supplement, 10.9 oz $10.00, sale price
Buy 1, Receive $10.00 Register Reward
Use $10.00 Florax Register Reward from Transaction #2
Pay Nothing, Receive $10.00 Register Reward

Repeat as many times as you’d like!

2. Roll Register Rewards week-to-week. I prefer to roll my Register Rewards from week to week. On my very first Walgreens shopping trip, I paid quite a bit out of pocket. But I also walked away with a wallet full of Register Rewards, which I saved for the next week. Then, during Week Two, I used all my Register Rewards earned in Week One and I didn’t have to pay as much out of pocket or worry about rolling conflicts.

Balance Rewards Points


Each week, Walgreens offers Balance Rewards Points with qualifying purchases. Check the weekly ads and the sale tags in stores to find products generating Balance Rewards Points.

To Earn Points

Purchase qualifying products and earn Points! It’s as simple as that! Be sure to scan your card or enter your phone number at checkout to earn Points.

You can earn multiple Points in a single transaction. There is not a limit on how many times you can receive Points from the same promotion. In most cases, you do not even need to do separate transactions to earn multiple Points from the same promotion!

Manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards do not interfere with any Points earned. In other words, you will still earn Points when using manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards. The monthly Walgreens Savings Book coupons are the exception to this rule. They do count against your total. If you are doing a “Spend X amount of dollars, Receive X number of Points” promotion, you need to meet the specified total before manufacturer coupons but after the monthly Walgreens coupons.


Your Balance Rewards card does not track purchases. If you need to spend a certain dollar amount to receive Points, you need to reach that dollar amount in a single transaction.

At the end of your transaction, the earned Balance Rewards Points will show up on your receipt right away! If they don’t, call Walgreens Customer Service, and they will credit the Points to your account.

To Redeem Points

Once you reach at least 1,000 Points on your account, you can redeem them. 1,000 Points are worth $1.00. 40,000 Points are worth $50.00. Save your Points until you have 40,00 to get the most bang for your buck! Points can only be redeemed in the following increments:

(1) 1,000 Points = $1.00
(2) 2,000 Points = $2.00
(3) 3,000 Points = $3.00
(4) 5,000 Points = $5.00
(5) 10,000 Points = $10.00
(6) 18,000 Points = $20.00
(7) 30,000 Points = $35.00
(8) 40,000 Points = $50.00

To redeem Points, follow the prompts on the debit card pad or ask your cashier.

In most cases, you can use and now earn Balance Rewards Points in the same transaction!

Here’s when you CAN use and earn Points:

  • In promotions in which you earn Points for buying a certain number of products.
  • Example: Buy 2 Simple Skin Care Items, Receive 2,000 Balance Rewards Points.

Here’s when you CANNOT use and earn Points:

  • In promotions in which you earn Points for reaching a certain dollar amount threshold.
  • Example: Spend $20.00 on Neutrogena, Receive 10,000 Balance Rewards Points.

If you DO use Points to pay for a threshold transaction, you still can earn Points, but you’ll have to spend more to earn the Points. For example, if you need to spend $20.00 on Neutrogena to earn 10,000 Points and you decide to use 5,000 Points to help pay, you’ll have to spend $25.00 on Neutrogena to also earn the 10,000 Points.

Shop at Walgreens and use your card at least once every six months and your Points will not expire for three years.

You cannot redeem or earn Points on purchases of: dairy, stamps, prescriptions, alcohol, tobacco, phone cards, lottery tickets, charitable donations, transportation passes or money orders. To read more, visit the full Balance Rewards Terms and Conditions or read the Walgreens Balance Rewards Q&A.

Balance Rewards Points Summary

  • You will earn Points in a transaction in which you use Register Rewards as payment.
  • You will earn Register Rewards in a transaction in which you redeem Points.


Coupon-to-Product Ratio

The Walgreens cash register will not allow the cashier to accept more manufacturer coupons than total products purchased. This gets tricky because Register Rewards used as payment are considered manufacturer coupons. If you are purchasing five items and using five manufacturer coupons and a Register Reward, the register will beep and reject the sixth coupon. Every manufacturer coupon contains a barcode, which the register pairs with one of the products in the transaction. When the cashier attempts to scan too many coupons, the register cannot find a corresponding product and rejects the coupon.

To solve this problem, purchase what we call a “filler” item. A filler item is any inexpensive product in the store that you can add to your purchase so that the register will accept an additional coupon (the Register Reward). The filler item can be any item, but it makes most sense for it to be inexpensive. Check the local ad for items priced less than $1.00. Make sure you have at least as many items in your transaction as you have manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards used to pay. The total number of Register Rewards + the total number of manufacturer coupons cannot exceed the number of products purchased.

Every week, we publish a post that contains filler item ideas from the weekly ad.

Paperless Digital Coupons


Visit from your computer or from the Walgreens mobile app to find and clip digital coupons. If you are not logged in, you will need to sign in with your username and password. Click on the “Clip” button on each desired coupon to add it to your account. Up to 100 coupons can be clipped to your account at one time. After clipping, buy the products that correspond with the coupons. Be sure you have scanned your Balance Rewards card or input your phone number at checkout. The coupon will automatically deduct from your total. Each paperless coupon can only be redeemed one time.

Paperless coupons are manufacturer coupons. Each one can be stacked with a Walgreens in-ad coupon or a Walgreens coupon from the monthly savings book. Each paperless coupon cannot be stacked with another physical manufacturer coupon on a single item.