We just got this email in our KCL inbox- and I thought it was worth sharing with everyone.  Thanks to Beth for the great question!

On the Walgreen’s website, there is a coupon for $2 off pull-ups, however it says “Walgreens Coupon” at the top.  Do you know if this means it can be stacked with a manufacturer?  The barcode starts with a “5”.

Often stores make coupons available from their store website or even in their ad- that would leave you to believe they are store coupons.  This was the case a few weeks ago with Albertson’s- and this is the case with the Walgreen’s coupon on their website.  The coupon Beth is asking about is a manufacturer coupon. How can we tell?  Here are the things we look for:

1. The most important thing to look for is a Remit Address.  This will be in the Retailer Instructions and will say: Send Coupon to (Retailer Name and Address)  This automatically tells you it’s a manufacturer coupon. If there is not a remit address it’s either a fake Manufacturer Coupon or a Store Coupon.

2. A Manufacturer’s Coupon will also have a barcode that starts with a 5 or a 9

3. A manufacturer’s coupon will usually say MANUFACTURER on it.  But, if it doesn’t say it, it could still be a manufacturer coupon.

Below is an example of a Manufacturer Coupon trying to pass as a store coupon  (it’s my best attempt at photo shop- Joanie is probably ashamed!)

Now, this image below is a store coupon

1. It’s Says “Walgreen’s Coupon”

2. No Remit Address or Retailer Instructions

3. Barcode doesn’t start in 5 or 9