We received this email from KCL JoAnna:

My name’s JoAnna, and I love your website!I recently had a problem with WalMart,  and was hoping you could help,with at least advice if nothing else.
I purchased 6 Magic Erasers, used 3 BOGO free coupons and 3 $1 off coupons.  I was told by the cashier (and later the manager at this Walmart and another that I stopped by) that the 2 different coupons could not be used together.   I then asked the manager if I could just return the 6 and get a refund.  She said they would probably only refund the 3 that I paid for.  I think that’s ridiculous, since P&G has already received those coupons for reimbursement, and they’re just going to sell them at full retail to someone else.  Thanks for any advice or insight you can provide,

Walmart’s Official Coupon Policy states pretty clearly that you can only use 1 coupon per item.  You should be able to make the argument that you are using the B1G1 Coupon on the item you get for FREE, and the $1 off coupon on the one you are BUYING.  However, this will have to be left up to the manager on duty.

Secondly, when returning items purchased with coupons.  They can:
1. Refund you the full amount and submit the coupons to get reimbursed.
2. Refund you the amount paid after coupons, and return the coupons to you.
Under NO circumstances can a store only refund you the amount after coupons and keep the coupons.  This would mean they get paid on both ends.