Regarding coupons that read "Do Not Double":

Corporate Albertson’s has recently trained their stores to NOT allow coupons that read “Do Not Double”.  It just recently happened in my store, and I have heard from just about every store that this is the case.   I have heard that they required each store employee to sign something saying that they would not double coupons that say “Do Not Double”

KCL Soapbox:

'Do not Double' is written on coupons by manufacturers who want to make it poignantly clear that they will not be reimbursing the store for any more than the value of the coupon. When Albertsons puts out a "double coupon", the value of the 'doubled' portion of the coupon is never reimbursed. Albertsons is sacrificing it's price margin by putting out those coupons in return for your business and patronage. Albertsons should not care whether or not a coupon reads "do not double", but it is their prerogative to refuse them.
We have received email after email asking what can be done about this new policy… And unfortunately there isn’t a lot we can do.
We Can:
1. Follow the rules
2. Express our discontent to corporate, by sending an email telling them how we feel.
Double Coupon Basics:

Albertson's has In-Ad Coupons that can be matched with manufacturer coupons for additional Savings. Some of the In Ad Coupons found at Albertson's are "Twice the Value" Coupons or Doublers. Doublers are good on any manufacturer coupon up to $1 in Value. So, if you use a $1 manufacturer coupon, and then the doubler- they will take off another $1. If you have a coupon for $1.01 or $1.50 etc., they will NOT (or should not) take an additional $1 off.

You may use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item. Since the Doubler is a Store Coupon- You can not use it in conjunction with another In-Store Coupon. For example- If there is a In-Store coupon (in their ad) you can not use that coupon and a doubler- since that is technically 2 store coupons (just like you can't use 2 manufacturer coupons on 1 item).

If you are buying an item for $1.88 and you have a $1 manufacturer coupon- and a Albertson's Doubler- THEY HAVE TO ADJUST THE DOUBLER DOWN TO $.88.

Has everyone seen this new policy at your Albertsons?