Here is an email we received from a confused KCL… I will give my thoughts, and we’d love you all to weigh in on the subject!

Okay, so I looked at your deals for Albertsons and Target and used my coupons for cereals, oatmeal, everything.  I saved $110 at Alberstons.  I was very proud!  At Target I got 13 boxes of cereal for $1.53 a box and was quite happy.  Then I read that you never pay more than .75 cents a box.  I feel a little deflated!!  I was thinking of getting some more at Albertsons tomorrow, since I could use about 10 more boxes (just for my boy). He would be set for a  year then.  Albertsons has them for $1.50 or less a box, but no less than $1.  Should I wait?  I could really use your insight here! – Meghan

First of all, Great Job Meghan! Your email made me remember when I first started couponing and I found toothpaste for $1.00 per tube… I seriously bought 15 of them, and we are STILL using that toothpaste!  While, this isn’t as cheap as you will find toothpaste (or cereal), it’s still less than you are used to paying so be happy about that.  Also, I would happily pay $1.50 per box, if my cupboards are bare and I need to eat breakfast the following week, but I don’t think I would get my year supply at this price.  I would get just enough to hold me over until a better sale comes around.  How long is that? Typically 3 months.

The obvious exception to this rule, is if you don’t generally see the item go on sale, or if you don’t see coupons for the item. For example, while I don’t usually spend $1.50 for a box of cereal, I happen to really like Cap’n Crunch.  I don’t recall ever seeing coupons for Cap’n Crunch, and $1.50 is cheaper than I have seen it at Walmart- so I was planning on buying a few this week.

Alright Fellow KCLs-
What are your thoughts?
Do you pay $1.50 for a box of cereal?