Here is another email from a reader… We get this question a lot, so I thought I would post it, in case anyone else is wondering the same thing!

I'm hoping you can help me understand the lingo on manufacturer coupons and how that really breaks down at the checkout counter.

Question: how to use multiple manufacturer coupons.  I understand how I can stack using the store and manufacturer, but it seems like people are using multiple manufacturer coupons in one transaction.   Most of the coupons say "limit one coupon per purchase on product(s) indicated" …which to me means I can only use one of those coupons, not multiple, even if I have several of the products to purchase.


Save $1 on 2 bags of candy (with: limit one coupon per purchase on product(s) indicated)

I want to buy 4 bags, and I have 2 coupons…

Do you find that you can use both coupons, or will they only accept one per transaction?

This really is a great question because so many checkers think the same thing! I am sure if you have been couponing long enough, you have had to explain this to a checker at least 10 times.

Limit 1 coupon per purchase =
Limit 1 coupon per ITEM purchased.

The manufacturer is telling you that you can not use 2 manufacturer coupons on 1 item.  Purchase is not the same as transaction.

And yes, you could use 2 coupons to buy 4 bags of bandy, with the scenario listed!

Krazy Coupon Dictionary:

Purchase [pur-chuh s]: a purchase refers to buying any item.  If I buy 30 items on a single shopping trip, I just made 30 purchases.

[tran-sak-shuh n]:a transaction refers to your entire purchase, especially the payment you make for that purchase.  If I buy 30 items and then pay the cashier, I just made one transaction.

Any Questions?