I'm curious about getting 4 – 6 newspapers.  Do you really have 6 subscriptions to the same newspaper?  And they all get delivered?  Or do you subscribe to several different papers?

Our local paper does not have a Sunday only subscription, and it seems such a waste to be getting 6 papers every single day, just so I can toss them out.

I could go out an just buy them on Sunday but then I would be paying a full $2.50 per paper, and I wonder if I would be saving enough to make it worth it.

Did you start out with 6 papers, or did you add them one at a time until you felt you had enough?

It’s actually VERY important that you get a Multiple Subscription to the Sunday Paper.  Being a Krazy Coupon Lady takes time and effort.  To make that effort worthwhile, you’d better be stocking up while something is at a ROCK BOTTOM price.  Stocking up ensures that you won’t run out of an item and have to run to the corner store and pay full price.  5 copies of the Sunday paper is optimal.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. I get 5 copies of the same paper each Sunday
  2. You can get all 5 papers delivered to your door step.
  3. Depending on where you live, you can get a Regular Daily Subscription (1 Paper Daily) Plus 5 Sunday Papers.  This runs me about $15 per month or$0.75 per paper- MUCH cheaper than buying them from the news stand.
  4. Let’s say you don’t want a subscription and you buy 4 Sunday papers each week off the stand for $2.50 each.  Thats only $40 per week.  Today while shopping I saved $150 on my order, and only spend $40… Thats a Savings of 80%.  Totally worth it if you ask me!
  5. I started with 5 copies of the paper.  As our friend Jillian says: “Just Jump Right in, the Water’s Fine!”

Go HERE to see the Krazy Coupon Lady Newspaper Subscription Offers…
And if you don’t see your area- Just call up your Newspaper and ask them for a “Multiple Subscription Offer”- and see what they say! If they have never heard of it before, explain it to them or consider getting some friends together and you can all start calling! I am sure they will find a way to offer what you want- after all, they want to find a way to take your money!

Do you live in an area that offers Multiple Subscriptions?  Leave a comment and let us know where you are at- and how much you pay, maybe it can help another Krazy Coupon Lady (or Guy!)… If you can’t get your paper to offer a Krazy Coupon Lady special- let us know, and maybe we can help you out!