We received this in our inbox a few days ago:

How do YOU determine a good stock up price?
I did the mayo deal at Walgreens today and was way happy with it until I got home…I just can’t convince myself that my OOP was low enough to stock up as much as I did.  I needed the mayo either way, but what price would you stock up on it at.  Here’s what I did:
8 Hellmanns Mayo $2.50 each
1 Pencil Filler $0.39
Total: $20.39
Used (8) $1.00 Hellemann’s Mayo Coupons (bought on ebay)
(and used (1) $8.00 RR
Total OOP: $5.62 w/ tax
Or $0.70 per 40 oz jar

Do you have any kind of list or how do you determine what price is good to stock up?
Sara G.

My Krazy Stock Up Price is Typically (about) 75% off Retail

For example, if Helleman’s Mayo is priced at $2.25 at Walmart (regular price), and it goes on sale at Walgreen’s for $.70 Out Of Pocket… that’s in the ball park of what I would pay.  75% off retail would be about $0.57.

I still sometimes have a hard time determining if I should stock up or not.
A Few Obvious Things to consider:

  1. How is your current stock of the item? If I am completely out of Mayo then I will be willing to pay a little more than if I had some stocked up.
  2. Are you brand Loyal? If it is an something that I am brand loyal to, like Charmin Quadruple Ply- Extra Soft – Mega Roll Toilet Paper (for the picky husband) or Kraft Miracle Whip or whatever, than I will pay a little more than typical if it goes on sale and I have coupons.
  3. Is it something your household uses regularly? I am less willing to pay more, if it’s not something we use often or at all.

How do you determine your stock up price?