So many of my friends are announcing they’re pregnant lately!  I swear there’s something in the water!  It always seems like pregnancy goes in waves, sometimes everyone I know is preggers and other times- nuthin (we’re all up to our eyeballs in poopy diapers, more likely).  Well for all you pregnant ladies, congratulations!  Here’s a great discount code that will stack with another code!  If you were to purchase exactly $100 worth of maternity from Gap or Old Navy, after discount codes you would save 36%.  A $100 purchase would change to $64. 

Unique Code: Enter to Win $1000 shopping spree at Gap maternity and receive a unique code for $20 off $100 maternity purchase at Gap or Old Navy!

The above code will stack with either of these:

SAVE123: Save 15% on orders over $75, 20% on orders over $100 and 25% on orders over $125 at the Gap, through Oct 20th.
Unique code Enter photo of your child in casting call, receive individual online code worth 20% off $100 purchase & a 20% off coupon for an in store purchase.