Hi, I had a question about Catalina coupons. They say manufacturer coupon on them BUT they also say redeem at Albertson’s, Fred Meyer etc.  So if you get a Catalina from Freddy’s can you only use it at Freddy’s? Does this make it a store coupon or can you stack it with a store coupon?  OR can you use it anywhere?  What can you stack with it?  Thank you in advance for clearing this up! –Amanda

Catalina coupons are typically manufacturer coupons.  Occasionally we will see a Catalina that is a store coupon.  To tell the difference look for a box on the top of the coupon that says: STORE COUPON or MANUFACTURER COUPON

Even if it is a Manufacturer coupon, they will usually say something like: Redeemable Only at Albertsons.  If this is the case you will need to use it at Albertsons.  You MAY be able to redeem it at a store that accepts competitor coupons- but this will completely depend on your checker/store.  I have had limited success with this.

If the Catalina is $10 off your next order it can be used with manufacturer coupons.

If the Catalina is $1.00 off Raisin Bran it can NOT be used with additional manufacturer coupons.

If the Catalina says MANUFACTURER COUPON across the top it CAN be stacked with a Store Coupon.