I was buying picking up a few Sunday papers from the convenience store last week, and the man helping me asked what in the world I was going to do with all the newspapers I was buying.  I told him I bought the newspaper for the coupons inside, and that I like have multiple copies of each coupon (thus the multiple newspapers).  He sarcastically replied that he always flips through his coupon inserts, but can never find coupons for things he buys. REALLY?!?!? You don’t buy toothpaste, shampoo, detergent, cleaning supplies, yogurt, granola bars?  He quickly replied that the coupons were never for the brands he likes.  I left, not wanting to spend my evening arguing- but really, How Silly!??! If you are thinking the same thing, then you just haven’t done your research… or you are too picky!!

Here is a sampling of a few of my favorite newspaper and printable coupons available:

If all this lingo has you confused check out our Lingo and  FAQ Page
And here is an easy way to use coupons this week  at Target:

[Buy 6] Keebler Cookies B2G1FREE or 3/$4.00
(USE 3) $1.00/2 – Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies – TARGET ex. 11/7 – (afullcup.com)
(USE 2)$1.50/2 – KeeblerCookies – (coupons.com) (enter your zip code)
(USE 1)$1.00/2 – Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies – (snackpicks.com)
Final Price: $1.00 for everything

Wonka Gummy Candy $1.59
$1.00/1 (IE) -Wonka Gummy (bricks.coupons.com)
$1.00/1 (FF) -Wonka Gummy (bricks.coupons.com)
Final Price: $0.59

Duncan Hines Cake Mix $.97
Use the $0.50/1 – Duncan Hines – TARGET – (afullcup.com)
Also use the $.55/2 from SS 10/11
Final Price: $0.20
If you don’t have the newspaper coupon- just use the target printable and score a cake mix for $.50!

A Few “Krazy” Things to Note:

  • Krazy Coupon Ladies refuse to pay retail for groceries (or almost anything for that matter). We find things on sale, and then use a coupon. And we buy multiples! If see that Cream of Chicken Soup is only $0.25 after a sale and a coupon, we aren't happy with just 1 can, we buy 10! By Stockpiling while something is at a ROCK BOTTOM price, you won't have to pay full price when you have to have it. This will eliminate running to the store when you are out of something, and will cut out those impulse buys
  • Choose 1 store to start with, learn their coupon policy, and start shopping!
  • You can use 1  Store Coupon and 1 Manufacturer Coupon on 1 Item
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. KCL is a community of Savvy Shoppers, and we love helping others learn the ropes!

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