I’d like to open this post up to some discussion about printing coupons from SmartSource.com.  We’ve received some mail indicating that many of you are having trouble printing from this source.  With over a hundred HOT coupons, the savings at SmartSource are too hot to pass by.  So for those of you who are having trouble, be specific and let’s see if we can help each other figure this out!  (Please if any of you readers out there techies or really computer savvy, we’d love your input!  I’ll do my best to research your issues and find solutions!)  Check out this resource as well:
Smartsource Troubleshooting Guide

Please limit your discussions to printing problems about SmartSource only.  If you’d like help printing from another source, let us know, but we’ll try to conquer them one at a time!

So tell us, Can you print SmartSource coupons?
And if not, where do you get stuck?