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Okay I have a confession! Please be nice as I come clean… I took a couponing break! Yes, you heard right, This Krazy Coupon Lady was BURNT out.  Phew, I feel much better now!  Now, that I have cleared my conscience, let’s talk about The Honeymoon, The Burn Out,  and How to Get Your Groove Back!

The Honeymoon

Remember the first time someone told you that you could get toothpaste and deodorant for FREE!!!  At first,  I thought it was a multi-level marketing scam!  Ah, the honeymoon… I still remember it SO fondly.  It involved trips to the store at least 3 times a day, buying things I knew I would never use- just because they were FREE, bragging on facebook about my savings, talking to everyone I ran into about couponing, going through reams and reams of paper- because you never want to be at the store without any of the current and available printable coupons!  I am sure a few of you know what I am talking about.

The Burn Out

The Burn out may happen at a particularly busy time in your time, like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Summer Break.  It may happen when your stockpile reaches maximum capacity or when you reach a milestone, like a 1 or 2 year Couponing Anniversary.

Symptoms Include:
Loss of desire to clip coupons
Loss of desire to haul your kids to the store everyday
Willingness to live on your stockpile

If you, or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms- Don’t Panic… This is a Normal Case of Coupon Burn Out.  Just hide your binder for a week or two, enjoy the break- and come back to it when you feel ready.

How To Get Your Groove Back

Well, the way I got my groove back was to notice that we had almost depleted our Stockpile.  I think I have 3 boxes of cereal left, I have 1 bottle of Ragu Alfredo Sauce and no bottled water!  Yikes!!  Here are some  ideas for getting motivated!

Get Organized
Just like many of us are buying storage bins, label makers and purging our house of all unnecessary clutter- try revamping your coupon binder, or switching to a new method of organizing.   Just in time for the New Year, Joanie has spiffed up our Binder Categories– so print those, buy a new binder and start your Pre-Spring Clean!

Find a Coupon Buddy
It has always helped me to have a few friends to call about deals, share the coupon love with, and even shop with.  It’s great to help each other with kids at checkout, and provides some nice conversation while bargain shopping- not to mention, you can always borrow from her coupon stash!

Teach a Class
Nothing gets me excited about couponing, like teaching a newbie! There is something about watching the light go off for someone that is fun and rewarding! Offer to teach a class to your friends or at your local church.

Stop Chasing
If you are feeling burnt out, that could be in large part because you are chasing too many deals.  Start focusing your efforts on 1 store.  I had to do this several months into my couponing journey.  I now mostly shop only at Albertsons.  Every once and awhile, a good deal will lure me into Wags or Target or sometimes Rite Aid… but on a regular basis, I am only shopping 1 store.

Am I the only one who took a couponing break this holiday season?
What are you doing to fight the burn out?