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This just in from the KCL inbox:

I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and decided to give using coupons a try. My first visit to Albertsons was a hit. I spent $88 and save $89! I was super pumped and now am clipping and organizing like mad to get the products i want at a dirt cheap price!

My suggestion is this: Is there a way you could *star* or highlight  products that are extremely good deals, or when they are at lowest we would probably get them?

I read someones blog saying she bought a years worth of toothpaste in the beginning and it turned out it wasn’t as good of a deal as she could have got. I worried I’m buying at decent deals, but in two weeks could be disappointed if i were to find out it usually drops another 50cents or a dollar.

Thank you so much for your website and the time and effort you put into it. It is fantastic, and you couldn’t have made couponing any easier if you tried!

First of all,  I think I am the one who bought way too much expensive toothpaste… Although it’s probably time I get over that- since then, I am sure I have saved $10,000.

It will be helpful to you, if you start being really pro-active about remembering prices.  I just try to remember the Walmart price of the items I buy.  You could definately take this to the next step and get a notebook and spend an hour at Walmart/Winco (or where ever you did your grocery shopping before your KCL days) writing down the price of most of the items you buy on a regular basis and the items you want to build a stockpile of.  Here is the rule of thumb Joanie and I try to follow when purchasing:

If you find a deal that is 75% less than retail,
that’s a great stockpile price.

If I am out of an item, let’s say Peanut Butter and I find it on sale for $1.00 or 50% less than Walmart’s Retail price, then I will buy 3 or 4 to get me by.  Then in the meantime I will look for a Krazy Stockup Price (Like $.50 or less) to get my stockpile of a year worth!

Here is a very basic list of prices we’re willing to pay:

Here is an Example of my List (these are my stock up prices):
Cheese $2.99/2lb
Ground Beef $1.75/lb
Chicken $1.67/lb
Milk $1.89/gallon (whole)- I freeze my milk if it's lower than this and I want to really stock up
Cleaning Supplies (lysol wipes, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, ect) $.50 or less
Toothpaste/brushes FREE
Cereal $.75 per box or less
Brownie and Cookie Mixes Less than $.50
Dish Soap $.25
Cheap Toilet Paper FREE
Charmin Toilet Paper for my picky husband $6 for the Double Roll 9 packs
Kotex Pads FREE
Johnson Buddies FREE
Granola Bars $.50
Chinet Paper Plates $.50
Bisquick $.90
Fruit Snacks $.50 or less
Good Deodorant $.5o
Cheap Deodorant FREE
Men's Body Wash $.50 or less

I have heard people say that the Sales and Coupons are on a 3-4 Month Cycle. I keep this in mind when stockpiling things that have an expiration date. But on things that won't expire- I get more than a 4 month supply. For example I have a year (plus) supply of cleaning supplies, toiletries, paper plates.

If you accidently overstockpile, and you later find out the price your paid wasn’t that good- please don’t beat yourself up! We spend all this time saving loads of money that it’s okay if we mess up here and there.  It’s not like you stockpiled when the price was OVER retail. Be nice to yourself, okay?!

Anyone else have anything to share with us?  Do you carry a price book?

Thanks to Elizabeth for the email!