Thanks to Jenn in Eugene, Oregon for this fun find! This may not be happening at all Albertsons, but it’s definitely worth looking into!

I was in Albertsons last night making a final coupon run for last weeks sale, and ran into a bin near the health section that said “try one free with your store card”.  They were Slim fast nutrition bars!

I grabbed one, and sure enough, they ring it up for $.99 and then they scan another barcode on it, and it comes up free.

It also prints out a $1.00 off any slim fast product catalina, which you can go and get a slim fast bar with that for free.

I was able to get a free bar with each transaction, plus the catalinas, which meant 2 free bars per transaction!

I dont know if all of the stores have this, but you may want to check it out!

Thanks Again Jenn!