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I hear this question all the time from beginners, or as we like to affectionately call you, “Coupon Virgins”

Do you really save all the coupons?  Even for products you don’t use?

So tell me:

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I believe a new couponer should save ALL the coupons.  You never know what you’re going to need!  I’ve heard your excuses & I’m ready to convince you otherwise!

Buy I only use Tide detergent, I can’t use anything else!  Can I throw away the other brand coupons?

So, you’ve been okay with using Tide even though it’s $3.00 more per bottle than the All brand detergent regular price without coupons?  Well what about when the All detergent is $0.67 after coupons and the Tide is still $9.99?  Do you like Tide that much?

Bayer Blood Glucose Monitor?  No one in my family is diabetic.  Toss it, right?

Nope!  Blood Glucose Monitors are frequently part of MONEYMAKING scenarios at drugstores!  And you can feel good about yourself when you donate them to a nursing home!

I don’t want to lug around a huge binder, I’ve already got a carseat in one hand!

Too bad!  It’ll save you hundreds and tone your flabby arms at the same time.  What could be better?

Ready to create your Coupon Binder?  Download our Binder Tabs here!

I’ve never heard of this brand or seen it at my store.  I don’t want to buy anything I don’t need, even if it’s free!

WRONG!  I love buying things that are free and giving them away!  Plus, I can’t help getting stuff for free!  I just purchased two packs of Fiber One  Yogurt for Free, even though it gives my kids the runs.  I gave it to a friend before I even got out of the store parking lot of all places!  It’s never hard to get rid of something you got for free.  And don’t forget, you never know what perfect storm will come along and turn an ordinary coupon into a money-MAKING deal!

I hate NyQuil and no one in my family ever uses it.  Why would I keep a coupon for something I don’t even want?

Besides the possibility of getting it free and donating it, often we lay out scenarios on KCL that are easiest to follow when you have ALL the coupons!  For instance, take Heather’s amazing Rite Aid scenario this week:  Purchase over $100 in merchandise and end up MAKING, that’s right MAKING $4.33!

One of the items in her perfectly hatched plan is NyQuil; not only is it free after rebate, but there is a coupon for Free Puffs tissue when you buy NyQuil.  Without this coupon, you’d be left to make a substitution which would be more work for you!

I don’t care if you’re allergic to something, you need to keep all your coupons, at least for the first three months until you learn what brands are frequently part of store promotions!!!  After you’ve been around the block a few times, then you may be able to toss a couple- but you may regret it!

My Confession:  At this point, I actually don’t (cringe!!) keep all the coupons.  But I keep 95% of them!  I don’t keep pet coupons (except for kitty treats for the neighbor’s cat) and I don’t keep hair color coupons.  I keep EVERYTHING else!  I’ve been around long enough to know what I DON’T need, but I maintain that anyone starting out needs to keep them all!

So, share with me!  What do you keep and what do you toss?