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Here’s one of my favorite cartoons from our book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey.

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Every Krazy Coupon Lady knows how important it is to have multiple copies of her Sunday Paper’s Coupon Inserts!  In order to create a stockpile, you must buy in multiples and you must have multiple coupons to do it!  One legitimate way to get these inserts is to search through public dumpsters and community recycling– in other words DUMPSTER DIVE!

A few Keys to Success when getting ready to dive:

Don’t Get Arrested: Don’t rummage a dumpster that reads “Private Property, Keep Out!”  If you have to wear a ski-mask or go at night, it’s probably not a good idea.

Make Nice with the Convenience or Fast Food Store Owners.  Ask permission (or if it’s okay for them to look the other way) while you dig for coupons.  Hey, maybe they’ll do you one better and save the inserts for you once they see your devotion!

Toss in the kids!  What are kids for anyway?  Only the coolest Moms let their kids play in a dumpster!

Bring the Purell and Lysol Wipes!  Lucky for you, you got the free with all those coupons you found!

The Best Place to Rummage:

At your Recycling Center or Recycling Drop of Location!  My Mom is a regular at her community Recycle Bins.  She has three subscriptions, but likes to supplement her binder with even more inserts.  So she takes her extra newspapers to donate and tosses them in after she’s picked the bins clean of inserts!  She says it makes her not feel like a criminal to leave having “put in, more than she took out!”  Go Mom!  Never been prouder!

Tools of the trade:

Things to consider bringing along:

A Step Stool, an EZ Grabber (or anything like it), Gloves!, Lysol Wipes, a box or bin to throw inserts into. . . okay and maybe the signature Krazy Lady Heels are optional. . .

Share with me!  I want to hear about your [LEGAL] dumpster diving experiences!  What works, what doesn’t work?  Have you talked to shop owners to get special permission?  Are you having success?  Will you please send a photo of your exploits?  Free Book to the first photo I receive of one of you Krazy Ladies dumpster diving while rocking a pair of heels!