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Here are the Register Reward’s that are
valid for the entire month on April!

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Buy 2 or more participating Zrytec, Benadryl, Tylenol or Sudafed products, Earn a $5 Register Reward

  • Benadryl Child Allergy FastMelts Cherry 18ct
  • Benadryl Child Allergy Perfect Measure 10ct
  • Benadryl D Child Allergy Liquid Grape 4oz
  • Benadryl Child Allergy Cherry Liquid 4oz
  • Benadryl Allergy Kapgels 24ct
  • Benadryl Severe Allergy Sinus Headache 20ct
  • Tylenol Allergy Multi-Symptom Rapid Release Gelcaps 24ct
  • Tylenol Severe Allergy Caplets 24ct
  • Tylenol Child Plus Multi-Symptom Grape 4oz
  • Tylenol Child M/S Rapid Release Gelcaps Daytime 24ct
  • Zyrtec 24hr 10mg Tablets 14ct
  • Zyrtec 24hr 10mg Liquid Soft Gel 12ct
  • Zyrtec D 12HR Tablets 12ct 120MG/DS
  • Zyrtec 24HR Dye Free Grape 4oz
  • Sudafed PE Nighttime Cold Caplets 20ct
  • Sudafed PE Triple Action Caplets 24ct
  • Sudafed PE Allergy Sinus Tablets 24ct
  • Sudafed PE 10MG Tablets 18ct
  • Sudafed PE Child Decongestant Raspberry 4oz
  • Sudafed PE Cough Cold Caplets 20ct
  • Sudafed Nasal Mist Sinus/Conges .5oz
  • Sudafed D Child Nasal Decongestant Liquid 4oz

Buy 2 or more participating Bayer 24-36ct products, Earn a $3 Register Reward

  • Bayer Aspirin Child Orange 36ct
  • Bayer Aspirin 325MG Tablets 24ct

Buy 2 or more participating Aleve 40-50ct products, Earn a $3 Register Reward

  • Aleve Caplets 50ct
  • Aleve Liquid Gels 40ct

Buy Claritin 10ct, Earn a $2 Register Reward

  • Claritin 10mgt Liquigels 10ct
  • Claritin 10MG Tablets 10ct

Buy $25 or more in participating Zyrtec, Tylenol, Simply Sleep, Motrin or St. Joseph products, Earn a $10 Register Reward

  • Zyrtec D 12HR Tablets 24ct 120MG/DS
  • Zyrtec Itchy Eye Drops .17oz
  • Zyrtec 24HR 10MG Tablets 30ct
  • Zyrtec 24HR 10MG Liq Soft Gel 25ct
  • Simply Sleep Caplets 100ct
  • St Joseph 81MG Enteric Asp 180ct
  • Motrin IB Caplets 100ct
  • Tylenol EX/Strength Caplets 100ct
  • Tylenol Rapid Release Gelcaps 100ct
  • Tylenol PM Rapid Release Gelcaps 80

Buy $25 or more in participating Burts Bees, Brita or Green Works products, Earn a $5 Reigster Reward

  • Burts Bees Lip Balm Medicated with Clove Oil .15oz
  • Burts Bees Lip Balm Refill Tube .15oz

Buy Mucinex, Earn a $2 Register Reward

  • Mucinex D 600MG Tablets 18ct 60MG/DS
  • Mucinex 600 ER Tablets 20ct
  • Mucinex Max Strength Tablets 14ct
  • Mucinex DM Bi-Layer Tablets 20ct

Buy 2 Claritin, Zegerid, Miralax or Coppertone products, Earn a $7 Register Reward

  • Miralax Sachet 10ct
  • Claritin 10MG Tablets 20ct
  • Claritin Eye Drops .17oz
  • Claritin Child Chewable Grape Tablets 5MG 20ct
  • Claritin D 24HR Tablets 15ct 240MG/DS

Buy Nasalcrom Nasal Solution .88oz, Earn a $4 Register Reward

Buy 1 Zicam, Earn a $2 Register Reward

  • Zicam Cold Remedy RapidMelts Citrus 25ct
  • Zicam Cold Remedy Chew Strawberry 25ct
  • Zicam Cold Remedy RapidMelts Cherry 25ct
  • Zicam Allergy Relief Swabs 20ct

Thanks to HCW for compiling this list!