Ordering Flowers for Mother’s Day?  How to get the best BANG for your buck!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th

I worked as a floral designer for a few years during college, so I know a thing or two about ordering flowers.  If you’re going to order flowers for Mother’s Day, you’ve got a few options.  I’m going to rank them in what I consider to be the worst option to the best:

  1. Least Recommended Option: Using FTD, Teleflora or 1-800-Flowers delivered by your local florist option.  When you place an order with one of these companies a fax is sent to one of your local florists (selected randomly from all FTD affiliated florists in your area).  A floral designer goes and picks up the fax, grabs out the FTD book so she can look at the photo, and then tries to recreate the image with the flowers in her “cooler”.  When I used to make FTD bouquets for delivery, they were some of the most overpriced pieces I ever sent out.  Simply because if that person had just called into the store they would have got more for their money.  You lose at least $7 value, usually more by ordering with one of these companies.  And lastly, the bouquets that go out often look quite different than what you chose online.
  2. Good Option:  Call your local florist, or use google or dexline to find a local florist in the area where you’ll be sending the flowers.  On any given day, this is my most recommended option.  You can call and talk directly with the person who’s making your flowers.  You can ASK how fresh their flowers are (don’t let them sell you something pre-made; they’re trying to unload it on you!).  You can talk specifics, give the age and preference of the recipient, “she hates baby’s breath, etc”.  BUT, when we’re talking about the 2nd busiest day of the year for florists, Mother’s Day, having a ten minute phone call asking all these questions is going to be a bit ridiculous.  You realistically should be placing your order early and then it goes into a pile of orders and gets made by anyone in the shop, who may or may not pay attention to detail.  One last thing:  The fact is flowers go from the farmer to a middle man, called the wholesaler.   Then once or twice a week, your local floral shop gets a delivery from the wholesaler.  So flowers are often at least a week-2 weeks  ‘old’ when you order them.  Flowers from a local shop can usually be expected to last 2-3 days to a week.
    Bottom Line:  This remains a “Good Option” largely because I prefer to support the local businesses.
  3. Highly Recommended OptionPro-Flowers, have you heard of them?  Have you been lucky enough to receive from them?  Pro-Flowers ships flowers directly from the farm.  They’re the freshest flowers I’ve seen and I’ve been absolutely blown away by how long they last!  The flowers are high quality, vibrant and have lots of life!  They will arrive arranged beautifully IN A BOX.  You’ll have the option to send them with or without a vase.  Order now, and you’ll get the vase for free!  They come with flower food and care instructions.  This company backs every order with tremendous customer service.  My grandma had a problem with an order once and she happened to mention it to the gifter, who called Pro-Flowers and the next day, a new perfect bouquet was on my grandma’s doorstep!  One caution: if you select same day service from ProFlowers, your flowers will not come from the farm.  They will be faxed over to a local florist, just like the other least recommended options.

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