We get lots of reader emails asking how they can know when to stockup on an item included in our weekly coupon deals at TheKrazyCouponLady.com.

Our general rule is “You should stock-up when an item is 70% off or more”.  But this rule isn’t totally universal.  Toothpaste, Deodorant, Body Wash(!) and even razors should never be stockpiled unless they’re $0.50 or less (on high quality name brand products).  On the other side, when jam or syrup are on sale, even maybe 50% off, I stockpile for at least 6 months.  Sometimes it just depends on the product and how often your family uses it.

The ‘Not knowing when to stockpile’ problem also stems, for some, from not knowing what they routinely pay for much of anything.

Whatever the reason, we’re hoping if you need a little guidance knowing when to stock-up, you can use our new symbols as a guide.  This symbol

, it indicates a decent stockup price.  You may want to stock up for the next couple months on these products.  When you see this symbol
, time to pull out the stops and get yourself stocked for the winter!