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Response to Safeway Policy changes post 10/19:

Here’s the deal:  Northern California Safeway stores are experiencing changes regarding eCoupons.  It appears as if these will be launched everywhere soon, but I cannot confirm that for certain.   I am going to do my best to get a good source of information at corporate tomorrow, so I can update you.  For now, Northern California shoppers, your stacking days are history (for now).  Everybody else, you may or may not be able to continue to use both eCoupons and manufacturer coupons.

Regarding the many of you that are very upset about these changes.  I feel you.  I’m with those of you who never get any double coupons.  Shopping without stacking eCoupons and paper coupons will be different.  I try to keep positive (the Just4U coupons do have potential), but I understand all your frustrations and I share many of them.  My biggest complaint regarding the changes is that it makes it hard for a Krazy Coupon Lady to play by all the rules when the rules keep changing!  🙂  If anyone from Safeway corporate is lurking, please submit a contact form; I would love to have a discussion.

To answer a few of the many questions on the Safeway Policy changes post:

JoAnn, Are you sure? The way I read the policy is that the coupon stacking is not allowed in Hawaii only. Last week my e-coupons came off just fine and this policy was updated on 9/15/2010.

Regarding the eCoupon changes, I’m not sourcing any official coupon policy.  Here’s what I’m sure of.  The northern CA region is no longer accepting eCoupons with paper coupons.

Carrie, Went to VONS today and had NO issues. Used both E-coupons and paper coupons and got everything I expected. Even used store coupons for Cherrios and Pop Tarts + Paper coupons on both + e-coupons and got everything redeemed.

Whether the customer service reps or cashiers know about the changes, I cannot say, but the registers in Northern CA won’t take both.  Other regions are beginning to report experiencing the same.  My guess is it will be coming to all stores soon, but that I do not know officially.

Christa, I spoke to Safeway corporate last night and they said that although those of us who live in Nor Cal (where I am at) can download the coupons to our cards now, they will not be taken off of our purchases for another week when the new program is supposed to officially launch. I took it upon myself to see if that was the case by purchasing an item that I had an eCoupon for on my card and found that it was NOT taken off.

I can confirm that the free eggs coupon came off.  Other than that one, I believe you are correct about the official launch not taking place until next week.

Brandy, . . . The coupon policy I printed today only mentions the no eCoupon stacking for Hawaii residents only.

You’re right.  The official policy only says no stacking for Hawaii.  Here’s the deal:  Hawaii was the only region that could use the Just4U eCoupons AND Hawaii was the only state singled out that could not stack an eCoupon with a paper coupon.  NOW, it looks like Safeway is taking that Just4U program national.  Northern CA (and select others) can no longer use eCoupons with paper coupons AND they’re being allowed to use the Just4U program.  These two policy changes are very much related.

Jen, I tried to registar for this and it stated that it was not available in my area so I went to the FAQ page and it states that this program is exclusively for residents of Hawaii. Maybe Im missing something?

The Safeway home page has had the Just4U banner across the top for months now and every day it’s said “Hawaii Residents Only”.  The Hawaii verbiage is now gone and using my Nor Cal address, I was approved for the program.  It appears as if  Northern California is the guinea pig for this change as well.