Once you are saving 50-90% at the grocery store and you have a stockpile of food that will get you by in case of job loss, health problems, or other set backs, it becomes really fun (at least for Joanie and I) to start giving back!  I have always been very generous with my stockpile. I often invite people down to my basement to “shop” for some things they need, and I love to take baskets of items to people in my neighborhood who have lost their job- but this week I was able to do something that I haven’t done before.  I was able to think beyond my stockpile and give back in a way that I think will really benefit families who are displaced this Christmas.  This past year I haven’t just been stocking up on food and toiletries, but I have also been buying toys and games and saving them to donate to children in need!

Do you have fun ways that you are giving back to those in need?