Just wanted to let you know, if you haven’t signed up yet for MastercardMarketplace.com, the offers are still coming and you definitely want to sign up!

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If you have a Mastercard credit card OR debit card, you can take part in the daily “Overwhelming Offers”. Most recently these offers included $25 off $50 Sears purchase, $25 off $50 Sephora purchase and $25 off $50 Home Depot purchase. There is another offer starting in just over an hour, $100 off $200 Priceline.com and then $25 off $50 at Barnes & Noble. (You must use your mastercard credit or debit to make the purchase and the $25 discount comes on your statement.)

There are also many discount codes available if you sign up without a mastercard (like I did), such as 15% on orders of $100 or more at Kohls.com and many more!

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