Here is an awesome way to make $50! It’s going to take a little work- but it’s a great way to make some cash- or you can use it as an account for your kids!

1. Go HERE
2. Click the ING Direct logo on the top left
3. Click Get Started
4. Then go to Apply Now
5. Once you apply, you will receive an ING Electric Orange Debit Mastercard
6. Activate your card and use it to make 3 purchases within 45 days
7. After you apply and meet the criteria, you will have to wait 50 days and then you will get $50 credited to your account!

Here is a little more information from ING:

  • You’ll need your checkbook in order to make your first deposit electronically from your existing checking account. This will create an electronic link between both accounts so you can easily transfer funds.
  • As part of the account opening process, we will obtain information about you from a consumer reporting agency. Based on that information, we may or may not open Electric Orange for you.
  • All Electric Orange deposits are subject to a 2 bank business day hold. Certain deposits may be made available earlier.
  • Electric Orange cannot be used for business, power of attorney, beneficiary or individual retirement accounts.

Thanks Time2Save!