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My friend Kinsey and I were chatting about the battles we all face, as coupon-users, the other night and she went wrote it all down while waiting in the school parking lot today!  She said it so well that I wanted to share her words with you!  Sometimes it helps just to know that you’re not alone when you run into these all-too-familiar hiccups!  So here’s how one of your fellow Krazy Coupon Ladies recounts it:

As I approach the doors of the store I quickly make a mental checklist.

  1. Specific products and prices written down, CHECK.
  2. Coupons clipped and neatly arranged in a crisp white envelope, CHECK.
  3. Money in my pocket ready to be spent, CHECK!

I feel completely prepared and yet there always exists a slight tremor in my hand.  My nerves are just barley on edge and I can’t help but unconsciously bite the inside of my lip.  Maybe because I’m a little new at this whole couponing thing and I’m never quite certain how a scenario is going to work out.  Or maybe because for every time a coupon trip goes perfectly smooth there’s another time I’ve had to stand up and ROAR!

So, what do you think?  Can we all relate, or what?

  • Like the time my $2.00 Ovaltine coupon was scanned at the register but never applied to the total.   I had to stand in the customer service line and explain to the sweet lady there that for some reason my coupon didn’t show up on my receipt.  She then went on a hunt to locate that coupon, found the register I checked out on, searched through the drawer for that coupon and then compared it to my receipt.  Fifteen minutes all to get my $2.00 back.
  • Or the time my $10 Extra Bucks didn’t print out and the annoyed cashier brushed me aside hoping her lame excuse would be enough for me to leave.  But really it made me stick my ground and demand to speak to the manager.
  • Or the time my $5.00 Catalina didn’t print out.  Another trip to the customer service counter.  Another chat with the representative there.  Except for this time she didn’t believe me, wouldn’t take my word for it, and without coming out and saying it, pretty much called me a liar.

Whatever the circumstance may be, with each new coupon trip I do feel more comfortable, more knowledgeable, and actually, more empowered.  I’m learning to stand up and be heard.  I’m learning to speak up and be strong.  And I’m learning to let that inner lioness out and sometimes let her ROAR, even if it is over just $2.00.  Because sometimes that’s what it takes!!!