I am so excited to announce that Panera Bread is now offering a Rewards program for their customers! I love everything I’ve ever put into my mouth there.  The next time you are at Panera Bread ask for a MyPanera card at the register or  just grab one. They had them sitting at the register at my bakery.   Then you can either fill out the card and hand it back to an employee or take it home and sign up online.  After signing up Panera will put your first free reward on your car, a free pastry or treat!

The MyPanera website says: “Enjoying the surprises we’ve sent your way so far? We have lots more planned, and we think you’ll love what’s in store. From complimentary items in the bakery-cafe to exclusive tastings and demonstrations, MyPanera is always thinking of unique ways to thank you. The more you visit, the more surprises you can get (just when you least expect them)!”