Oh my gosh!  Have you heard?  The wildly popular TLC series Extreme Couponing will be taking a twist in a new series premiering fall 2011, “Celebrity Extreme Couponing”!!

okay, okay, did anyone believe me?

April Fools!!

But seriously, what is so unbelievable about celebrities using coupons?

(1) Coupon Stigma: the perception that coupons aren’t “cool”.
(2) Coupons are for the poor:  The idea that if you have money, you don’t need to save.

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When Heather and I had the opportunity to meet Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View, she shared that she does use coupons and had just clipped some coupons for Lysol wipes!  But I still feel like I can hardly watch an episode of Desperate Housewives without hearing a disparaging comment about “oh, she’s so broke and pathetic, she may even have to start using coupons”!  When will the world catch up?  Coupons are for smart shoppers of any income.