As Krazy Coupon Ladies we have proven ourselves as savvy spenders. We love to take control of our family’s finances by SLASHING our grocery budget in half (or more!).   My husband and I began our Krazy Coupon Lady journey in an effort to drastically lower what we were paying out each month in our family’s budget.  We had cut out everything “optional” in our budget. Cable, Gym, everything- and then we heard about couponing and started on our own journey!  Fast forward 3 years and my husband and I are almost debt free, in large part because of the savings we have achieved through using coupons in a KRAZY way.  🙂 Empowering, right!?

Well, I don’t want to stop there and I hope you don’t either!  I know many of you have questions about your finances beyond using Coupons.  Because of this, we have called in a team of experts who will be answering your most pressing questions about all areas of Personal Finance:  Taxes, Insurance, Investing and more!  Let me introduce you to my friends, Rich, Ray & Dan from Credit Rating University! They have personally answered many of the questions I have had about investing and insurance and I have complete trust in them!  In our book, Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey we talk  about Couponing to Thrive and this is what this segment will be all about!

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments and we will use your questions as a guide for the upcoming posts!