I have been reading through many of your comments on our post yesterday about the Policy Change from Rite Aid! It seems many of you are angry about the changes and are blaming TLC’s Extreme Couponing.  I wanted to first share Rite Aid’s official response, and then I would like to offer you my opinion. 🙂

From Rite Aid:

Our goal when changing the Rite Aid coupon policy was to be able to sell our products to as many customers are possible.  We have been receiving a growing response from customers that the “Hot Deals” were selling out too fast.  There is not one cause for this change, and not one show or group of people should be blamed”

Here’s the deal. I think every person in the country should be couponing. When I hear about TONS of new people who are learning to coupon, it brings JOY to my heart 😉 Seriously. When I first started couponing, it was a new idea to my area. I started teaching classes and teaching those on our website. Suddenly, the shelves at my stores we bare. BUT, I didn’t get angry; I educated my store and helped them to track the sales and order more stock, and I continued to teach people these principles.  I learned to shop early in the ad week and not get too frustrated when the shelf was empty. Plus, let me tell you a little secret 😉 This will not be the last time you see these sales. They will cycle, and you will be able to get these products at these prices again. 🙂 Four items per customer is a pretty reasonable amount, and you will be able to get a good stockpile when buying 4 per item.  And, the old BOGO policy was HOT, but it was only one part of the AMAZING Rite Aid deals. So while it’s sad to see it go, there will be other deals at Rite Aid each week!  Lastly, I completely understand the frustration about Extreme Couponing and the show focusing on the VERY Extreme side of how we coupon. I think it’s important for us to continue to show how to “Reasonably Coupon”, and I hope KCL continues to be the example of how to coupon the right way!

Happy Couponing!