That’s right, you heard us correctly!!!  Joanie and I will be embarking on a new journey! Starting Friday, June 3rd, we have our very own, hour long radio show!  On this show we’ll discuss so many fun and informative and even controversial topics, the first being Coupon Fraud!

Join us Friday, June 3rd, at 1:00 pm EST (10:00 PST) and listen on your computer! You can Listen Live HERE.

You can’t go a minute on a coupon blog these days without reading the words “Coupon Fraud”, and it’s time for us to weigh in on it! We will cover everything from:

  • TLC’s Extreme Couponing Show, Is EVERYONE on the show committing fraud?!
  • One Participant of the show committing (and admitting to?!?) Coupon Fraud!
  • And we will talk about what we think Coupon Fraud is…. Is buying coupons online considered fraud? What about photocopying coupons?

We will be weighing in on all this, Plus we are taking YOUR calls!

We are SO excited for this new opportunity, and we hope you will join us every Friday at 1:00 EST! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, where we will be updating our fans on how to call in and talk with us!

You will be able to download the Podcasts HERE or directly from iTunes!