Extreme Couponing Tip: Couponing on a Tight Schedule, Part 2

4. List it: Writing or typing out your shopping list and filing which coupons you need before the trip saves time in the long run! Instead of wandering up and down the aisles with your ad and scanning through your binder every three feet, you’ve got it mapped out. Not to mention it cuts down on stress if you’ve also got kids in tow!
5. Time: Find the best time to shop for you. If it’s after the kids have gone to bed or early in the morning, pick out the least stressful. Also avoiding peak shopping hours will save you time standing in line or navigating around multitudes of shoppers.
6. eCoupons: Upload these coupons electronically to your store loyalty card, and they will apply automatically at checkout when you swipe your card.  They can be loaded and used one time per card. There’s no need to clip & file these, and you can add several within seconds!