“How do I continue to get the best deals when my store has changed its coupon policy?”
Over the last few months, this question from Krazy Couponers has increasingly been asked. Find answers and helpful tips below!

The fact is that stores have updated their coupon policies for many years. As buying (and couponing) has increased, the need for clarification and better guidelines has developed.

Even with new changes (such as Rite Aid no longer accepting BOGO coupons with a BOGO sale or individual Walgreens locations putting limits on number of transactions allowed per person), good deals are still possible! These previous advantages were only part of what made these stores & their deals great.

Clarification is one of the wonderful benefits of coupon policy updates and revisions. For example, while Walmart’s new policy bars ad matching a generic brand from one store with a different generic from Walmart, benefits include being able to ad match meat and fresh produce (as long as it matches lb for lb or each for each) and to gain overage. Target has clarified which coupons they accept in BOGO promos, and Fred Meyer now accepts other stores’ Catalinas.

Focusing on the positive is one of the best ways to deal with change. Having further clarification helps us better understand how to coupon & shop there. Limits on items and transactions can help alleviate cleared shelves, while still allowing us to buy a reasonable amount to add to our stockpile each week! Remember that stockpiles are not built overnight or in one week– we slowly build up, mostly a handful of extra items each week.

When things go wrong or you don’t get all the items you were planning on, keep in mind all the great deals you have been able to get and the new ones coming your way soon! When stores are out of items, get a raincheck, price match at Target or Walmart, or try different store locations.

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