Extreme Couponing Tip: Printing Coupons – Worth the Cost?

“Does it really pay off printing coupons from the Internet? I feel like I’m spending a fortune on ink & paper!”

The short answer: Yes! It’s definitely worth the investment! And there are some really simple ways to save on ink and paper. Read on for the evidence!

  • Internet coupons, generally speaking, tend to be higher in value than their newspaper counterparts. You’ll rarely see a coupon for $0.25/1 printable.
  • Don’t print every single coupon you come across! Print off ones you know you’ll use or "hot" coupons– high value coupons that usually have a limited number of prints.
    • We'll alert you on the KCL website when new ones come out and if it's one you should print off right away.
  • Save on ink by printing in black & white. Stores should never refuse your coupon just because it is printed in grayscale.
    • To change your print settings (this may vary slightly between printers):
      1. Go to Control Panel
      2. Click on Printers (usually under Hardware)
      3. Select which printer you want to adjust
      4. Highlight the "Printer" Tab at the Top and Select "Printing Preferences"
      5. Click on the tab "Print Quality", Then select "Fast Draft" or “Quick Print”
      6. Check the box that says "Gray Scale" or "Black Print Cartridge Only" (sometimes under a tab labeled Color)
    • Make sure you have sufficient ink to ensure your barcode is easily scannable.
    • You may also have the option to preview your printing selections before they print out. This can alert you to ads following the coupon or where on the page the coupon will print.
    • Print 3 coupons to a page whenever possible (mostly on sites like Coupons.comSmartsource.comRedPlum.com, and Target.com).
  • Buy paper cheap. Now is a great time to stock up on free or cheap printer paper with the great Back to School sales. Often a ream of paper is free after rebate or under $1.00.
    • You also may print on the back of scratch printer paper (extra papers from homework, handouts, etc). Avoid lined filler paper.

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