Extreme Couponing Tip: Store Loyalty Cards

One of the first steps to shopping at many stores is to sign up for their store loyalty card.

Enroll:  Loyalty cards are almost always free. Sign up in-store at most locations–simply ask a cashier or go to the customer service desk. Begin using your card immediately to receive store’s discounts. Register your card online to access other benefits and promotions.

Advertised deals: To get the prices in their weekly ads, you’ll need to use the store’s loyalty card. Also, be on the lookout for stores that offer fuel discounts when you spend a set amount–you’ll swipe your card at the pump.

Phone Number = Savings: Most cards are linked to your phone number, so in case you forget your card, simply enter the phone number you used when registering.

eCoupons: Many grocery stores offer electronic coupons that you can load to your store loyalty card. To read more about downloading and using eCoupons, check out this post.